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During the 2020 season of COVID19, we made and sold hundreds of these hand sanitizers. We thought that they would only be needed during the 2020 season, but we all agreed that we should keep this line. We formulated our all-natural hand sanitizers to the WHO guidelines that yield a 73% organic ethyl alcohol content.


Organic ethyl alcohol (73%), filtered H2O, organic aloe vera gel, organic eucalyptus essential oil, and natural vitamin E

We offer our 100% natural Hand Sanitizers as a very useful product to use during the Winter season with all of the Colds & Flu. Our Hand Sanitizer kills germs with a simple formula of: organic ethyl alcohol, water, organic aloe vera gel, organic essential oils, and natural vitamin E... that’s all! None of those nasty chemicals you find in conventional sanitizers, but just as effective. Our All-Natural Hand Sanitizer is perfect for using on the go, or even as an air freshener or deodorant. Sanitize with complete confidence! Our Hand Sanitizers are 95% organic and 100% natural and packaged in a 2oz PET bottle with a sprayer.

The quality ingredients that go into this product include the following:

Organic Ethyl Alcohol

A colorless volatile liquid. Widely known as the active ingredient in alcoholic beverages, ethanol is also used in cosmetics as a solvent, preservative, and antimicrobial agent. It is the organic active ingredient in our 95% organic and 100% natural Hand Sanitizers.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Skin loving juice and gel extracted from the Aloe Vera plant, naturally moisturizes and soothes the skin. Backing up centuries old beliefs of its reparative and soothing powers, researchers at a major university in Spain reported that Aloe Vera flowers and leaf extracts had antioxidant properties. A team of plastic surgeons compared Aloe Vera gel to 1% silver sulphadiazine cream (common burn treatment) for the treatment of second degree burn wounds and found that Aloe Vera gel showed advantage compared to those dressed with SSD regarding pain relief and healing. Aloe Vera is just a great overall skin products ingredient.

Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This oil is extracted through steam distillation of the leaves and branches of the Eucalyptus tree. Fragrant and fresh, this oil has naturally deodorant and expectorant properties. Eucalyptus is a scent that reminds us of renewal and new life to our senses.

Natural Vitamin E

Tocopherol is the organic chemical compound of vitamin E and is an antioxidant and cellular renewal ingredient.

Apply to hands in a small amount as often as needed. Specially formulated to WHO guidelines. Shake well before using.